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There is currently a major concern about life expectancy. In the last few years we have seen human beings live longer and new generations have begun to wonder about their financial future if the live very long lives. Recent statistics indicate that more than 80% of people over the age of 65 depend financially on a third party because their income is not enough to live in dignity.

Our products are oriented to provide lifetime benefits, with the aim of protecting the financial future of our Clients, giving them and their families security and peace of mind at times of greater vulnerability.

Two events may make any human being feel vulnerable: dying early and leaving the loved ones unprotected, or living, without protection, a very long life.

We have the best portfolio of Life Insurance products with accumulation of capital on guaranteed values that exists today in the international market. These participating Whole Life and Endowment policies are focused on addressing the fundamental financial concerns of people around the world, including retirement income, premature death, terminal illness, accidental dismemberment payments, currency devaluation, and inflation.

The products we offer focus not only on Life Insurance protection but also on retirement income, providing a safeguard against currency devaluation. The policies include a unique dividend investment feature and high guaranteed cash values, which address the concerns that people may have about their retirement income and capital transfer.

Additionally, our products also help address the children’s future with the College plans we offer.


  • Building capital in stable currency by depositing an annual premium.
  • Plans designed for accumulation of Guaranteed Values, backed by Life Insurance.
  • Retirement Options with Lifetime Income in dollars.
  • Lifelong protection.
  • Rates regularly lower than those offered by companies in your locality.
  • Guaranteed lifetime income.
  • Defense against inflation and devaluation of your local currency.
  • Participating policies with extraordinary investment features.
  • You can receive your Life Insurance benefits yourself.
  • They ensure income for loved ones in the event of death of the insured.
  • Deposit of amounts in the United States.
  • Tax-free income.
  • Not attachable.
  • Guaranteed indemnity.
  • Guaranteed participation in the company’s profits.
  • Very high guaranteed values.
  • Share in the Company’s dividends.
  • Optional augmentative payments for retirement benefit.
  • Life Insurance to collect in Life.
  • Withdrawal of capital plus interest, or pension options with Lifetime Monthly Income.
  • Dismemberment benefit, terminal illness benefit, and many more.


When you join the ranks of this industry, you will be entering a fascinating world of gigantic proportions. It has emerged from the efforts and work of all those who decided to dedicate their lives to Insurance and on whose shoulders will rest part of the responsibility for the continued protection of many people and families, their property and estate, remedying the economic havoc that accidents bring.

As an economic idea, Insurance is a miracle. But it has to be sold, and that’s where you come on stage.