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Life insurance industry in the United States accumulates over 200 years of existence. It is one of the largest and soundest in the world, mobilizing more than $2,000 billion assets annually. Most of the leading companies in the United States are insurance companies.

The insurance industry is responsible for a significant part of the economy’s investments worldwide and in the United States specifically, and it is the most regulated in the world, by regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C).


Basically, insurance is protection against unexpected loss through the risk sharing principle. It is a concept that dates a long way back.

In ancient China, people bent their backs over their fields for a whole year and then exposed their crops on weak reed vessels floating over the turbulent waters of the Yangtze River, downstream towards the markets.
When one of these watercrafts capsized in the rapids, a farmer’s entire year-long work was lost, and he was ruined; until several peasants met and decided to distribute their goods among different vessels. Thus, when one or two of these little boats disappeared into the yellow waters, much of their harvest remained safe. This is the principle of Insurance: protection against catastrophic losses, based on risk sharing.


Life insurance is aimed at covering two totally certain events: death and old age.

If we leave early, those who stay suffer.
In the event of death, Insurance seeks to meet or compensate for the basic needs of a family despite the absence of its head, because when the family head passes away, all of his/her income goes too.

The most important basic needs have to do with the last expenses (funerals, doctors, hospitals, legal, debts or liabilities, among other things), household maintenance, food, clothing, social life, vacation, education and other expenses.

If we live long, we all suffer.
In the case of old age, Insurance seeks to protect against the loss of income due to retirement or to the limitations that seniority entails. In this event, income for a lifetime or for a certain number of years is obtained that ensures a decent old age, without having to rely on, for instance, the success of business, the charity of children or relatives, social security, or the uncertainty of investments.

Either way, what Life Insurance is intended for is to give
peace of mind and future financial security so that you and your family
may live peacefully. So you can enjoy your golden years.