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In these times of change it is up to us to reinvent ourselves, move forward with our work, and fulfill the great responsibility of providing security and protection to millions of families who currently face a health crisis.

Below we offer you some recommendations to be able to produce from home:

  1. Use a dedicated workspace; this will help you focus better.
  2. Organize a daily routine.
  3. Plan and prioritize your tasks, keep an eye on your goals.
  4. Find new communication channels with your team (Zoom, Skype, among others).
  5. Use the new communication channels to schedule interviews with new prospects.
  6. Contact your Clients to find out how they feel about this situation and how through our products you can give them peace of mind.
  7. Stay in touch with your clients to congratulate them on a birthday, childbirth, or any pleasant event you may consider significant.
  8. Plan online training and skills development sessions.
  9. Plan online weekly meetings with your team.
  10. Schedule online interviews with potential recruits.
  11. Abide by your regular mealtimes.
  12. Make the most of your time. It is the only non-renewable resource.
  13. Remember that these days even the busiest people may have more time available for you.

The power to achieve our goals is in us.

We move forward.