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Recently, the distinguished finance-specialized magazine Forbes published an article discussing the vital importance of Guaranteed Values in Life and Endowment Policies when facing economic crises. For more information, we invite you to visit the original article.

It explains how in situations where the economy is growing it is normal to feel that there are other opportunities in the market where you can get better returns. However, amidst financial crises, such as those occurred in 2002 and 2008 and the present one caused by Covid-19 (Coronavirus), our Guaranteed Values maintain the same growth, showing no deterioration, and our Endowment Life policy becomes in many cases our only profit-reporting asset under the circumstances.

Investments by Endowment and Whole Life Insurance companies like the one we represent are highly diversified, controlled, and government-regulated. They are not permitted any leverage. And regulations are so strict that in order to ensure Client protection and Guaranteed Values the companies are intervened at the slightest hint of any probable future problems.

This is why we are certain that we are in the right business, bringing real solutions to hundreds of families and individuals worldwide, ensuring their economic stability to successfully overcome global economic crisis and for the time of their old age.